Hawaiian Hula Open Level Workshop

Join Aruna on Sunday 4th June from 12.30-2pm for Hawaiian Hula Open level workshop 🙂

18623324_1418079231592808_6508757101215543061_oA chance to learn the steps of Hawaiian hula with Kumu hula Aruna Po-Ching from Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Malie, fresh from Aotearoa.Learn hula auana (modern hula) and oli (chants). It looks graceful but be prepared for a workout as there are intricate footwork to learn.Bring water, loose clothing or loose sarong

For the more experienced Polynesian dancers, with some experience of Hawaiian hula, learn from Kumu hula Aruna Po-Ching of Halau Ka Waikahe Lani Malie fresh from Aotearoa. Footwork and handwork coordination will be taught with complex choreography. You will be learning hula kahiko (ancient hula). Learn to oli (chant) and some hula protocol. Be prepared for a workout
Follow the link to book your spot 🙂


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