Dance Talk: 5 Tips on How to Recover From Your Performance

As a dancer, it is important to take care of your body on and off the stage – especially after a performance. You might want to skip the cool-down process but make sure that you’re following a proper recovery routine to help your body heal and regain strength. In fact, without proper recovery, your body will operate at only a fraction of your full capacity, which can also lead to:

  • Injuries
  • Fatigue                                  
  • Proper warm up/cool down
  • Mental cloudiness
  • Difficulty focusing

Now is the time to take control of your recovery routine and unleash your full capability. Not only will you feel better, it will help you improve your skills in the long run. So grab your dance shoes and follow these tips on how to recover from your performance.

Dancer Red

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Dancers know the importance of stretching to becoming more flexible. This helps ease aching muscles and hip pain, improve posture and the range of motion.  So, if you feel that you’ve overworked your hips, follow simple stretches like an upper body twist and lunges to keep your body loose. 

Stay Hydrated

You’ve worked up a sweat during your performance and finally accomplished your piece. Make sure to drink water before and after your routine. Without proper hydration, your body will not function as well as it should. In fact, you might see signs of dehydration when you feel nauseous, dry mouth, and muscle cramps without the sweat.

Rinse Off

Studies suggest that a cold rinse off should range from 10-15 degrees F. Showering after your workout simply washes out bacteria build up and sweat. Take cold water baths to help minimize inflammation, boost recovery, and aid in pain relief. It will help your muscles and joints relax as well as encourage blood flow. Just be sure to wash with natural ingredients and sulfate-free products that won’t dry out your skin and scalp.

Ice Your Body

Sure, it might sound unappealing and even a bit of a hassle. However, icing your body will do wonders for your post-dance recovery. All it takes is 10 minutes for a decent ice session. You can fill a plastic bottle with water and freeze it. Then place the bottle in a cooler and take it with you to practice. After your performance, remove the ice out of the bottle and mold it around your muscles.

Relax Your Mind

After stretching, bathing, and icing your body – give your mind at least 20 minutes to mentally review your performance. You can do this as you stretch to unwind and mentally decompress. Analyze your performance and think about the positives and the negatives of how well you did and what you need to improve upon. Remember to stay positive and use this time to boost confidence and constructive criticism.

Never underestimate the power of recovery. While these tips may be simple and obvious, those small habits will lead powerful results. Always remember to create your post-performance routine with a focus on mental recovery, nutrition, and injury prevention in mind.

By: Sally Writes

Photo: Patrick Kool @patrick62


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