Are Your Hips Hurting? Look This Way


Are Your Hips Hurting? Look This Way 

Dancing is all in the hips, as they say. Whilst not strictly true, it is correct that hips bring a lot to dance and are worked hard with every session. The result is strain on your muscles and bones, despite the strengthening effect dance brings. Nothing exemplifies this trend better than the spike in child dancer hip injuries from imitating the joint-intense poses of older dancers.

Even though kids have a different physical makeup and are therefore likely to encounter different types of injury, the principle remains the same for adults. You need to keep your hips in good working order. So, what can you do to strengthen your hips, or loosen tight muscles post-dance?

Super Stretches 

For a dancer who has already taken considerable steps towards becoming more flexible, the number one way to ease aching hip muscles is stretching. Stretching hip flexors is important, alleviating back pain, improving posture and bringing a range of health benefits. So, as a dancer, if you feel you’ve neglected – or overworked – your hips, stretching will be benefiting your wider health as well as those important hip muscles.

 Some of the more straightforward and easy-going stretches are the deep squat; where you squat down deep enough to grab your toes. You could also try the spiderman stretch, where you get onto all fours and stretch your leg out in wide arc. Finally, have a go at a simple lunge and upper body twist.

Weight Training

Now, don’t be afraid to read that term. Weight training is not the hallmark of body-builders and gentle weight lifting can give you excellent strengthening exercises. You can employ weights in much the same weight you do your stretches. Use dumbbells, or where possible barbells, to comfortably add weight to your stretches. Start small, and certainly don’t use weights if you’re injured. Aside from improving your overall hip strength, weight training will benefit your health in various other ways 

Exercise is the best way to keep your hips healthy, or recover them from injury. Complementing exercise is food (or perhaps vice-versa) and if you are able to eat the right things, you can gather valuable nutrients that will benefit your body. The key is to integrate superfood protein and vitamins into your diet. Protein helps to rebuild worn out or injured internal muscles and organs, and vitamins help your body to work better. Studies have found that joint focused diet plans, designed for arthritis, are beneficial for people of all ages and can help prevent joint – and  hip – injuries in the first instance.

Hip pain can be excruciating, uncomfortable and debilitating. However, all of the information you need to stop it happening is there – or to mitigate existing conditions. Don’t let aching hips hold you back from dancing – follow these tips for your ease of movement.

By Sally Writes

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

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