King K

KingKurry2Making his explosive debut in 2009 by winning a comp upon his first appearance, Ahsan Bhattee more commonly known by his steet name/dance alias King Kurry made a profound mark on the Australian dance scene.
‘King Kurry took out the 1 vs 1 popping comp G-style Downunder judged by international guests Tempo and Slick Dogg (claimed to be one of the best popping teachers in the world),
“King Kurry is the baddest popper in Australia…”- Slick Dogg

One of the leading poppers in Australia, King K has gained both national and international repute over the years not only for his unique style and character but also his approach to the dance. In 2011 he was recruited to be a part of the new movement ‘The Unthinkables’ King K is playing an active role by continuing to push the boundaries of popping.
Recently King K has been focusing on individual performances, gigs and concerts but is also returning back to the battling scene and teaching again to spread his knowledge and take aspiring dancers to the next level.


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