Floating and Back-up Teachers

Akio Kato

Akio started dancing in 1998, gaining experience as a dancer in Japan through stage performances and club events. He taught dance workshops in Japan and established an event planning organization called “Ikutakai’ in 2001 and a dance event organisation called “Eccentric Company” in 2003. After coming to Australia at the end of 2004, he became a member of NU SKOOL CLUB, winners of the competitions GROOVE and SHAKEDOWN. Akio has performed in many events including Hip Hop events at Hunter Bar, Cave and Jackson’s on George. He specialises in Hip Hop, but likes to mix elements from other sub-styles like Locking, Reggae and Popping. Akio is currently teaching HIPHOP and LOCKING.


José De Amorim is known in Capoeira as Teacher Borracha. Teacher Borracha is a product of Grupo Capoeiracre and the teachings of Contra Mestre Olho de Peixe. Born in the state of Acre, in the Amazon region of Brazil, Teacher Borracha began playing Capoeira in 1989. In 1994 he began teaching the art he loved. He attended many Capoeira events all over Brazil and has done many courses to qualify himself as a Capoeira teacher.
He has also had the opportunity through capoeira to travel to the U.S.A, India and New Caledonia. In 1997, Teacher Borracha arrived in Sydney, Australia and is now teaching in the inner city areas, the western suburbs and the city of Newcastle.

Bunny Star

Bunny Hoop Star is a multimedia artist, hoop teacher, and founding member of The Hoopaholics, Australia’s one and only hulahoop troupe. She has been hooping for over a decade and now performs professionally in Australia and throughout the world. Drawing inspiration from both the Circus Arts and from the US Hoop Dance scene, Bunny merges the two influences into a unique hybrid hooping style. Her training includes classic circus hoop technique, American Hoop Dance, Nia Technique /Spirited Movement, Yoga and self-directed dance land groove. With an emphasis on movement and flow her classes range from learning the basics of how to spin a hoop or two… or three or four… to more advanced Hoop Dance moves. With a background in the Arts Bunny’s approach to hooping has always been about being creative, crafting performance and staying fit while having fun. As business owner of Hoop Empire, her intention is to share the hoop with as many people as possible in whatever way rocks their rhythm. Most importantly, as a devotee of the dancefloor, particularly those filled with disco beats, she is always on the lookout for dance spaces that accommodates her hoop and excites others to hoopjam!

Edgee Ribeiro

Edgee Ribeiro is the director of Performing Brazil Dance Group. He is originally from Brazil where he learnt the national dance – Samba, performing with the traditional Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro. Over the last 10 years he has developed his skills as a dance teacher, choreographer and performer in Sydney. He is dedicated to the promotion of Brazilian music and dance.

Edivaldo was the lead dancer in big events such as the Festival of Cultures at the Sydney Opera House, and Bacardi, Brazilian and Latin Festivals at Darling Harbour, as well as diverse community festivals and corporate functions. He has been teaching Brazilian dance in Sydney since 1997 at community colleges and dance studios.


Eve has been dancing professionally for 10 years in Belly Dance, Samba, Lambada, Salsa, Tango and Street Dance. Featured in Strictly Dancing on the ABC, The Matrix, Garage Days, Robbie Williams Live Concert Tour, Kelly Clarkson Video Clip… and the list goes on. Eve has toured Internationally to London, Los Angeles, Japan, Dubai, Egypt and Malta. At age six Eve studied Jazz ballet for 10 years being awarded with silver medal. Then at sixteen Eve studied Ancient Egyptian Belly Dance with Ruth from Arabesque for two years. Eve then moved on to learn Latin Dance and Hip Hop with 7 flavours and Brazilian Dance with Brazilian Fantasy Productions. Competing with a partner on Strictly Dancing meant Eve then had to study Ballroom dance and street Salsa with Gabrielle Ugas. Being such a versatile dancer has kept Eve very busy performing at functions and events all over Sydney. Having just completed Fitness Certificate III Eve is now a qualified group fitness instructor.

Graeme Spencer

Graeme originally trained commercially in the UK, attaining teaching qualifications with the IDTA in Latin and Ballroom, Tap, Jazz and Freestyle. He then trained at the prestigious Laban Centre on the BA Hons Dance Theatre programme. After completing a Post Graduate Certificate of Education Graeme held the position of Head of Dance at Hurstpierpoint College in the UK for the last two years and was the artistic director of two successful youth dance companies. Graeme has lectured in performance and choreography, choreographed/directed and produced dance film work, performed for independent choreographers, choreographed his own work for the UK contemporary dance scene and has choreographed commercially for UK television, such as channel four’s ‘High School Dance’. Since relocating to Sydney this year, Graeme has worked freelance teaching at the Wesley Institute on the Bachelor Dance Degree programme/open classes. He has taught master classes at ED5International, McDonald College and is working with the Arts Unit to deliver workshops for regional/state dance festivals and now joins us to share his passion for dance at Dance Central.

Ian Colless

Ian is a descendent of Gundungurra tribe from Australia. He is an alumnus of Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, a graduate from QUT (Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance). He was also a member of LINK Dance Company program, studying a (Bachelor of Arts [Honours] in Dance) at WAAPA. Between 2008 and 2009 he was the recipient of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Scholarship from the Foundation for Young Australians.

Whilst at QUT he danced in six productions and also performed in three productions with Opera Queensland. In 2008 he was invited to perform in Quinkan choreographed by Marilyn Miller. He then spent a month in China attending the Guangdong Modern Dance Festival. Ian has worked with Leigh Warren and Dancers while in Adelaide performing in Petroglyhps choreographed by Warren and Gina Rings and a movie/photo-shoot for artist Andrew Baines and Warren. With LINK he worked with Chrissie Parrott, Rhys Martin, Olivia Millard, Craig Bary and Michael Whaites, performing at WAAPA, Australian Youth Dance Festival, the Its Festival in Amsterdam, Dancehouse in Melbourne and the IO Myer Theatre in Sydney. In 2009 Ian also had the opportunity to work at the Performing Arts Forum in France as well as attending a summer intensive workshop with Anouk van Dyke Dance Company in Amsterdam.

As a choreographer Ian has made work for the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts, was the Movement Advisor of Christine Douglas’s Magic Flute for Opera Queensland. He was approached to choreograph the Indigenous Closing Ceremony for the 2008 Brisbane festival. He choreographed Dreaming in Motion which was performed at QUT. Both works were collaborations with singers from Opera Queensland and composer Madeleine Johns. Last year he was a guest lecturer for WAAPA’s Aboriginal Theatre Crouse. Ian also collaborated with composer Madeleine Johns and mentor Noel Tovey and choreographed a work titled Boundaries for LINK Dance Company, WAAPA. Most recently Ian was commissioned by the NSW Premier Department to choreographed part of the Pemulwuy story narrated by Michael Caton at Parramatta Park. He is currently teaching at the NAISDA Dance College and choreographing independently.

Jean-Luc Stora

Jean-Luc Stora (aka. SambaFrog) began studying Brazilian Dance, Capoeira and Percussion back in 1990 with the Samba schools of San Francisco. Inspired by the intoxicating rhythms of Brazil and the thriving Latin and Caribbean arts community in San Francisco, he began dancing and drumming professionally with various local companies and bands, and in 1995 was chosen as San Francisco’s King of Carnaval. Pursuing his interest in Latin American music, dance and culture, Jean-Luc travelled extensively in Brazil, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Mexico. He speaks Spanish and Portuguese along with English and his native tongue, French. Jean-Luc began performing and teaching Samba in Australia in 1996 before returning to San Francisco for several years where he enjoyed teaching packed classes at the Dance Mission studio. In 2001 he taught Brazilian percussion and dance in France, performed at music festivals throughout the country with “Les Diables Bleus” and directed the Brazilian dance company, Cuisse de Samba. In 2002, Jean-Luc established Dance Central studio in Sydney with the vision of bringing together various dance styles in one location. Now based in Newcastle, Jean-Luc brings with him his energetic and exhilarating brand of Brazilian dance and percussion.

JFunk G-Style

Born in 1991, Joshua Sumarwata AKA JFunk (G-Style, Crew 109) was always the little child you would see entertaining guests at family house parties with his “Michael Jackson moves”. While growing up, this was left behind with his growing passion for soccer and then it became basketball during his younger high school years. It was not until 2007, when he saw two of his best mates perform a move called a glide, something he had never seen before. In his fascination, he started trying to learn this move by constantly nagging his friends. After practicing the glide over and over again, he began to wonder what else there was and where it came from. The first popper he ever saw online was Nam Hyun Joon, though he was not the best popper in the world, he was indeed very popular at the time and it inspired him to learn popping and eventually JFunk re-discovered his passion for dancing which was also brought by his love for music. In his 1st year, he spent a lot of time researching, talking with dancers around the world to get a better understanding on the dance and its history. At this point he was also learning popping, locking and breaking from Hybrid Formz and co-created Crew 109 with his school friends at Chatswood High. Despite graduating in 2009, the crew’s legacy can be seen strongly in classroom 109 during lunchtimes where students can learn and practice streetdancing and every year new students arrive who are eager to learn.

Today, JFunk is considered to be one of the best popping teachers in Australia and is always focused on improving his dancing. This was made possible through the g-style system of popping, which is essentially freestyle and having the ability to create. This was taught to him directly by Slick Dogg (creator of g-style) and Tempo (current g-style leader) in 2009 over a one month period and during this time he learnt all the necessary foundations. Previously in 2008 he trained with Boogie Frantick (G-style, FBC, LXD) which was when he was selected to be the first Australian member and just like every other member in G-Style this decision was based on character not skill level. For JFunk, popping is his passion and G-Style has become a way of life for him.

Julia Stora

“Once the sounds of samba get under your skin there is no escape.” And so it began in 1995 Julia’s fascination with Brazilian samba. She has since developed her individual style with various dance and percussion teachers, notably Jean-Luc Stora and Ilda Reiner in San Francisco, and has performed with Samba schools and Brazilian dance companies across 4 continents: Samba do Coracao and Aquarela (USA), Cuisse de Samba and les Diables Bleus (France), Mocidade (Brazil), and SambaFrog and Performing Brazil (Australia). Julia’s teaching experience includes classes and workshops through Dance Central, Sydney’s premier world dance school. She is now sharing her passion for teaching and Brazilian samba in Newcastle, with SambaFrog Brazilian Dance and Percussion.

Kaylene Pomana Jones

Director of Array Dance, Kaylene Pomana Jones is an experienced actor/singer/dancer and choreographer (Hip Hop, Old Skool Funk, Pussycat Dolls, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Tap, Latin, Contemporary, Bollywood, Retro Boogie 80’s, Polynesian, Disco). She is renown in Australia for her fun-filled Hen’s Night Dance Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Designer Dance Workshops and Artistry Dance Coaching (Gymnastics and Acrobatics). Teaching students with such a wide range of needs, her primary aim is to make dance an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone regardless of age or experience.


Lalita has been in love with the art of dance since she was a five year old girl. She grew up passionately and tirelessly training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Funk and Hip Hop and has since graced stages across Sydney including Sydney’s Opera House, The Entertainment Centre or Theatre Royale. As well as performing at such festivals like Parklife and Big Day Out, Lalita has danced in events for clients such as Tony and Guy, Yahoo, Plush Films and David Jones. She has assisted with choreography and performed in music videos such as Angus and Julia Stone’s Just a boy, which went on to win Best Music Video of 2009 at the AFI awards.

Through travelling the world and immersing herself in the many rich cultures, Lalita has sourced her own unique style, serving up an inspiring musical feast that you will adore. Lalita, renowned for her cheeky yet seductive vaudeville routines and movement inspired by the elegance of vintage tease, will remind you what being a woman is all about.

Lisa Baker

Lisa Jane Baker is one of the new Directors of Dance Central in Sydney. Lisa trained at Wendy Kennedy Dance Academy in the styles of classical ballet, jazz, tap, national character and contemporary dance styles from a very young age through the guidance of her mother Dewi Ratna, who is a traditional classical Indonesian dancer and has performed professionally throughout Indonesia. Like her sister Maya Martinez she is proficient in most dance styles and probably as a result of her intercultural heritage has found herself more interested in “telling stories from other countries”. Lisa trained for many years with Shirley Sweeney who has travelled globally and studied with Dance masters in the styles of Balinese, Mongolian and Classical Indian all of which Lisa has performed.

For as long as she can remember her drive and inspiration holds strong roots in Hip Hop as a lifestyle, however also shares a love for West African and Afro Caribbean dance and music where she studied with Dance Master Kofi Walker from Jamaica and has kept up her dance training through her sister Maya who has developed her own Afro Caribbean contemporary Dancehall flavour and Dance Studio 101. Lisa however is most passionate about making music and is always working on her own Hip Hop project with at twist of soulful reggae “Lordz of the Fly” where she fronts the group as her alias Rudy Jackson. Cutting her teeth while singing as solo backing vocalist for Christine Anu touring nationally throughout the 2000 Olympics and performing for International guests such as Nelson Mandela. Lisa was also asked to be solo vocalist for Danielle Spencer’s live show which included a national tour of the US with Spencer and Russell Crowe. Lisa established herself as a talented vocalist before she uncovered her diversity of being a dope MC. Rudy has been described in the press as delivering “honey drenched, Kelis style vocals” with her unique combination of rhyme and melody. Lordz of the Fly are currently writing and recording their second album hoping to be released in Summer 2008/09 off her Independent Record Label LIVESTYLE RECORDS.

Manuel Albarracin

Manuel begun his training in Argentine Tango at the age of 13 in Colon, Argentina. At the age of 14 he joined Zulma and Robert’s Tango group and for the next 5 years he performed with them in many cities of Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. At the age of 19 he joined Casa del Tango Institute performing as a Tango dancer for The Argentine Theatre of La Plata.
In 2003 he competed in the Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires reaching the position of finalist in the category of Stage Tango.
In 2005 Manuel traveled to Tokyo-Japan where, for the next 2 years, he was a teacher and performer for Luna de Tango Co. based in Shibuya-Tokyo with whom he performed in the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Sendai and Nagoya.
Manuel relocated to Sydney-Australia in 2007 where he is currently studying Performing Arts at ED5 International and does private Tango coaching at various locations around Sydney.

Manuela Oliveira

Manuela is a well recognized performer who has appeared as a Dancer, Actor and Model in many National and International TV Commercial, Short films, Stage shows, Tours, Product Launches, Print Ads, Billboards and Brochures throughout Australia, Europe, Japan, India, Malaysia and USA. Her credits include: Microsoft, Old Navy USA, Pump Water, Nippon Paint, Tiger Beer, HSBC Bank, Seagram, Sony Ericsson, McDonalds, Daihatsu, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Nike, Adidas, Yamaha, 3 Mobile and more… She performed at Australia’s Urban Music Awards 2006 for Israel (the artist) and has toured throughout Asia for Guinness Blacks and Martell VSOP. She has worked and trained with US Leading Choreographers who have Choreographed for Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Usher, JLo, Missy Elliot, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue and more, most recently worked with the well known US Choreographers MICHAEL ROONEY and BRANDON HENSCHEL. She has taught Nationally and Internationally throughout Asia (Malaysia and Indonesia) and is currently teaching at The Sydney Dance Company, Dance Central, and Mango Dance Centre. She trained at The Broadway Dance Center (NY), The Edge Dance center (LA),The Millennium Dance center (LA) and Debbie Reynolds Dance center (LA). Her Dance styles are: Hip Hop, Breaking, Jazz, Latin, popping, locking, and House.

Mark Baker

Mark Baker (aka Big Buxx, aka The Buckaroo) is from Campbelltown in Sydney’s suburbs. International travel, extensive experience rhyming in clubs and battles and a unique sense of humour have shaped him into an MC with unbeatable rhythmic skills and content that ranges form caustic social commentary to hilarious story telling.

Melanie Hitchcock

Melanie’s dance history includes 20 years of study/performance in most dance styles including ballet, contemporary, tap, jazz and Musical Theatre. However for the last 7 years Mel has focused on developing her street styles including RnB/funk, Hip Hop dance and breaking. Melanie has choreographed and performed in numerous events throughout Australia and Japan. She has performed and toured with Laycock Dance Theatre (ballet company), Central Performance Project(Contemporary/Corporate) and the Lost in Bexley Theatre Company (Musicals) performing in various theatres, fringe festivals and arts projects. After completion of her HSC in 1996 Melanie attended ACE (Australian College of Entertainment) as a Dance Major. Followed by a year at MASQUE (National institute of Performing Arts), Studying Singing, Acting and Dance. In 2000 Melanie Studied at QUT Queensland University of Technology) to gain her Advanced Certificate in Dance Teaching. Melanie has spent the last three years dancing and choreographing for “Caramell Dancers”, Performing regularly in nightclubs, corporate events, competitions, and festivals such as “livid, Sweatfest and the Big day out”. She has also danced in video clips for Marea’s Tonic, Selwyn, Delona and choreographed Amanda Perez clip “I Like It”. Television credits include appearances on Channel V, Sunrise, Sydney weekender, The Footy Show and Movie “Son of the mask”. Melanie’s unique dance style and teaching ability has gained her ongoing work and also enabled her to pass on her experience to students for the past 12 years throughout various teaching institutions. Melanie is in high demand as one of Sydney’s leading HipHop choreographers and teachers. With all of Melanie’s achievements, she brings experience and professionalism to every project she touches.

Michael Beirouthy

Michael developed a profound interest in Dance, Music, Acting and Martial Arts at the age of just 5. Over the years, he has graced stages Sydney-wide, performing at the Sydney Opera House, Enmore Theatre, Sydney Festivals and countless social and corporate events at venues such as Will and Toby’s, Vagabond Cruises and The Basement. Michael trained at Sydney Dance Company and various studios in Sydney, focusing on hip-hop and street jazz styles. He had the opportunity to learn from the best in the Australian dance industry, taking what he can from each instructor and developing his own unique style of movement. Michael commenced teaching hip-hop and street jazz more consistently in mid 2008 at Sydney Dance Art, also managing stints at Mango Dance Studio and The Sydney Dance Company. In 2009 he travelled to New York for 6 months, training at Broadway Dance Centre in hip-hop, house, ballet, tap, contemporary, African and more. He had the privilege to learn from people such as Brian Green, Ejoe Wilson, Luam, Rhapsody, Buddha Stretch, Brian Thomas and more. Whilst in New York, Michael was handpicked amongst a small group of dancers for a string of performances as a tribute to New York City at the Ailey Theatre, Alvin Ailey. Now back in Sydney, Michael is utilising his newfound knowledge and re-energised motivation, performing live and choreographing, all the while spreading his knowledge and passion through teaching. This is, after all, what Michael desires above all else: To inspire those around him to express themselves and enjoy dance and music or whichever medium speaks to their respective artistic soul.

Michele Emmanuel

Acclaimed choreographer, dancer and performer Michele-E, presents Urban Style Funk. Originally form a Kenyan and Sri Lankan background, Michele has been dancing since the age of 5. After years of extensive experience in jazz, hip hop and African Contemporary, Michele has created an exciting and unique fusion where the “grace” of jazz is mixed with the “groove” of hip hop, r’n’b with a little old school and funk thrown in for good measure. She incorporates the use of body mechanism, musicality and distinctive techniques. Michele Continues her training with top USA choreographers such as Germaine Brown and Devora Canario. she has performed internationally in China and Thailand, and most recently returned from touring South Africa. Michele’s Choreography is technical, strong and bursting with passion and energy dancing to only the latest and most trend setting music.

Minh-Tri Le

Minh-Tri Le is dedicated to Art. For nearly 20 years Minh has trained and worked in music, dance, and movement. Having a ‘Street Dancer” background as well being a “Studio Dancer”, Minh enjoys weaving the best parts of both worlds in each of the pieces he creates. Minh is respected for his exceptional teaching abilities (B.Physio), original movement concepts/ choreography, which transcends dancers into the music. Minh’s most unique skill is being able to successfully teach “trained” dancers how to freestyle.
Minh continues to train in street foundation styles, and is mentored by Supple Nam and Darrio Phillips.

In 2010 Minh fulfilled some of his life ambitions by training with Mr. Wiggles (including private tuition) Suga Pop & Sho-Tyme, and meeting Hip Hop Legends Henry Link & Jin Au-Yeung. Also in 2010 Minh-Tri Le was interviewed and appeared on KBS TV with Kryptic Movement and Channel 10’s “Dance of Champions” for Studio 11.

Monica Sylwia Kaczkowska

Monika studied at the National Ballet School in her hometown Gdansk in Poland. Here she focused on modern jazz as well as traditional polish dances before discovering ballroom and falling in love with it. Monika trained and competed for 8 years in competitions around Europe, mostly Germany, France and UK.

Monika moved to Dubai and started Stage and Salon Tango Argentino. She worked for 4 years with the very famous Colombian Dance Company El Firulete BNF. She then moved to Australia and joined Sydney social Tango scene where she actively took part in all events and workshops. Monika is also qualified as a make up stylist with international experience working for brands like YSL, Chanel and Giorgio Armani. She specialises in stage looks, which has been a valuable skill over the last 10 years.

Mya Fernandez

Mya is of Filipino descent, a self-taught dancer, and the most important thing you guys should know about her is her LOVE & PASSION for arts, fashion, DANCE & MUSIC!!

At the age of 20, she chose to study dancing and has earned her ADTV certificates (Allgemeine Deutsche Tanzlehrerverband /General German Dance Teachers Association) for Ballroom/Latin Dance Teacher, Salsa Instructor & HipHop Master Instructor degree.

She has been trained by the well-known Evelyn Hädrich-Hörmann (Opiz), the Latin World Champion 1972 and an active judge of both national and international amateur and professionals dance competitions. Mya worked for five years in her Dance School in Hamburg, Germany. To improve her HipHop skills, she visited countless workshops in Europe and America, being taught by some of the most famous choreographers in the HipHop industry, such as: Marty Kudelka, Nu Stylz, Eddie Morales, GEO, Shaun Evaristo, Nick Bass, Dante7, Marvin Smith, etc…

In last five years, Mya made dance performances in various tv shows and happenings, participated in StarCare Project Week in cooperation with Dancing with the Stars Germany. She also choreographed and performed for a variety of events such as Miss Philippines, NIKEwomen and Radio Hamburg.

Nate Mendelsohn (aka Nacho Pop)

Nate has been popping since he was very young, growing up in New York City. Back then, he saw people busking on the streets, and was amazed by the ‘robot’ style and the moonwalk. He and a few other friends would only watch and imitate, until his own style began to develop. He has been in Sydney for four years, coming 2nd in the Planet X 2001 extreme games, constantly performing at hip hop gigs, and starring in a few commercials (Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Sprite, Room 208, MTV, Zima, etc.). But more importantly, Nate has won battles against some of Sydney and japan’s best poppers, and is held in high regard by dedicated poppers worldwide. Nate is also a member of the “Seven Dollars” crew.


Rakhi has been dancing since she was old enough to walk, and now brings an opportunity to learn the dance form that has taken Australia by storm – Bollywood Dancing! With extensive experience in Indian Classical, Folk Dancing and Bollywood Dancing, Rakhi believes that dance cannot be mere geometry of the body or number crunching of rhythms. Although she has grown up in Australia, she has always loved watching Bollywood movies, and through pure passion and love for dance, has choreographed and performed a vast variety of Indian dances at numerous large scale school, university and community cultural functions across Sydney over the past 10 years. These include the annual Australia Day celebrations in Sydney, the Asian Business and Cultural Awards, Sydney Christmas Parade and the Sydney opening for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. She has also taught dancing at both school and university. Rakhi has been taking formal training in Kuchipudi, a classical Indian dance form, under the tutelage of Raghavan Nair at the Indian Dance Centre for the last few years – this has formed a strong base for her dance style and has given her exposure to a wide variety of Indian dance forms. Her classes combine a mix of traditional dance genres (dandiya raas, bhangra, bharatnatyam) with contemporary Bollywood dancing. She invites an uninitiated audience to share her passion for this exciting, energetic and highly cultural dance form!

Ramona Lobo

Ramona’s roots stem from Mangalore, India. She was born in Canada, spent her childhood in Africa, then moved to Australia at the age of 8. Ramona’s eclectic mix of traditional Indian, jazz, and contemporary, with strong hip-hop/funk roots, has made her one of the most unique dancers in Sydney. The exciting fusion of these styles is reflected in her energetic and entertaining Bollywood choreography. Her professional dance career spans over 15 years, and includes highlights such as the World Hip-hop championships in Belgium. Ramona has also danced at large-scale, international concerts Big Day Out, and Rumba. Ramona is an established performer, dancing at a variety of nightclubs around Sydney, such as Gas, Hunter Bar, and The Cave, and at competitions including Groove, and Elite. She has also performed as a member of Sydney hip-hop dance crews Suppology, Resonate and Caramell, and as a member of the contemporary dance company Red Opal, at Carnivale. Ramona is a new mum and has returned to the dance scene after a year caring for her baby. She is looking forward to sharing her rich dance experience with her class and demonstrating her wonderful talent for bollywood.


Since the beginning, Romeo has taken the dance style of popping seriously by practicing rigourously everyday until the early hours of the morning day after day. Although not endowed with the experience of other dancers, Romeo has made up for this by meeting and being taught by some of the best International teachers from the U.S, Germany, Japan and Korea. Romeo also constantly improves his own dancing through new battles and opportunities to make the most of his skills. His credentials so far include Dancekool 15 Popping Battle runner up, Style King Popping Battle runner up and Dancers Delight Popping Battle Winner. More recently, he won the Dancekool Volume 20 Popping Battle.

Rossana Roy

Rossana has trained in a diverse range of dance styles from Ballet, Jazz, Swing and most styles of Latin dance such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Zouk/Lambada, Samba de Gafieira and Samba. Near qualified Group Fitness Instructor, Rossana has taught “Latin Fitness” and a “Body Jam” classes for Fernwood fitness centre and has taught various Latin classes over the past 4 years. Her passion is the energetic and sexy Brazilian Samba which she performs on a regular basis through out Sydney with well known groups such as the Brasileras and Samba Frog. As a dance teacher, Rossana enjoys sharing and helping others discover themselves through the art of dance and this shines through in her energetic and fun classes.

B-Boy Rush

Rush started breaking in 98 on the streets of New Zealand before moving to Sydney in 2002. Prior to Dance Central he taught at dancekool studio. A member of Fresh Sox Crew, Rush has impressive competitive credentials including; 1st place in Raw Stylez 2000 NZ nationals, Xgames 2002 Australia, Xgames 2003 NZ, Bodyrock 2004 NZ, 1on1 Nationals, and the OZ bboy champs 2005. Fresh Sox is also the only crew from Australia to enter the Free Style Session in LA, the highest level bboy comp in the world. Rush learnt from bboys such as Alien Ness (rock steady crew/ zulu kings), Storm (Battle Squad), Frankie Flave (Style Elements), the list goes on……

Sam Mitchell

Sam has been learning martial arts for over 6 years under Shifu Yun Kuo Wang at the Praying Mantis Kung Fu Academy. Under Shifu Wang he has learnt traditional Northern Praying Mantis, Competition Wushu, Chin Na, Qi Gung and weapons techniques. During this time he was the 2007 State champion in point sparring and forms categories in the National All Styles martial arts competition. Early this year Sam travelled to Thailand to train intensively at Rawai Muay Thai camp for three weeks training 5 hours a day six days a week and has integrated some techniques he learnt into his class. To further his knowledge of the body and the best ways to train, Sam is currently studying Sports and Exercises Science at UWS. As a teacher Sam likes to push his students to train hard but also enjoys a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Sheena has been dancing and performing since the age of 3, with Classical Ballet being her first love. Other styles studied by Sheena during her childhood where Jazz and Tap and when she hit her teen years she travelled to the USA and became immersed in Hip Hop and Funk, taking classes at the infamous Millennium Dance Centre. She has been teaching Funk/Hip Hop to children and adults for the past 15 years. Sheena has choreographed and performed for fashion parades, nightclubs, music video clips, live bands and major events such as the Sydney 2000 Olympic Opening and Closing ceremonies, Mardi Gras Festivals and NRL Grand finals. Sheena performs regularly in variety of dance styles such as Burlesque (including Ballet pointes and Tap), Pole, 60’s Go-Go and Bollywood. Venues such as the Sydney Hordern Pavillion, Luna Park, 5 star hotels and resorts, major Sydney festivals, nightclubs and restaurants have held host to her performances. In 2007/2008 she has become a seasoned pole dance performer and Burlesque artist aka Sheena Miss Demeanour. Her teaching style encourages students to be comfortable with their bodies, fall into their natural rhythm and to develop techniques from the “core” of the body to control movement and poise. Her aim is for her students to have fun and get a great workout whilst taking immense joy in passing on her love and passion for dance. She also keeps a training balance with Pilates and Yoga.


Sky Bailey

Sky began her dance training under the instruction of Barbara Everson at the Australian Dance Performance Institute (Brisbane) where she attained a Certificate IV in musical theatre. She then furthered her studies at Urban Dance Centre, also graduating with a Certificate IV in Performing Arts in 2008. Sky’s extensive dance conditioning and experience has provided her with a sound technical base and a diverse stylistic background. Her versatility has allowed her to perform, choreograph and teach across a variety of genres including jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, contemporary, lyrical, street latin and afro. Most recently, Sky has entered the professional street latin scene, performing and choreographing in major events and competitions such as the Australian Bachata Championships, where her team achieved 2nd place. Sky has also performed for Juliette Verne the main choreographer for “So You Think You Can Dance Australia” also Sky is part of Juliette’s company “J-Foxx Productions”, Performing a Russian Cabaret show around Sydney. Sky performed at the Australian Dance Festival 2009 in Veronica Beattie’s piece “What Is Jazz”. Sky has performed for many other choreographers such as Travers Ross and Tiana Canterbury.

Sky Blue

Sky trained as a dancer from a young age and studied design and small business management. She has trained in dance in Australia, London, San Francisco, Spain, Brazil and Cuba. Her background includes: Jazz, Ballet, Flamenco, African, and Street Latin (Salsa, Rueda, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha, Latin hip hop, Reggaeton, Samba and Samba Reggae). In 1999 Sky formed Picante Latin Dance and since works as a dance teacher, choreographer, performer and event organiser at many major Latin events. She has performed at The Sydney Salsa Congress, Darling Harbours Fiesta, South American Festival and many more. Event organization has included the Latin Dance Corroborree, The Australian National Salsa Championships and Sabor Latino, Byron Bay.Catering to a niche market of clients Picante Latin Dance specialises in teaching Cuban Style Salsa and the latest street Latin dance craze’s sweeping the world, Reggaeton and Bachata! She combines her skills and talents along with her passion for the Latin world and is admired for her ambitious spirit and real love for what she does.


Sunny is from Kaithal, Haryana, India. He started Dance and music at the age of 4 without any formal training. He performed in a number of Indian mythological dramas as a dancer and singer. He won first prize in a popular Indian TV dance competition and also participated to an Indian singing competition called “sa re ga ma pa” which gave him exposure. Sunny moved to Australia in September 2005 and since then has been involved in Bollywood Dance, performing in Sydney, Melbourne and around Australia. He is also a DJ, in a Sydney Radio broadcasting in the Punjabi language.


Swipa started dancing with his brothers when he was about 6 years old to the Jackson 5. In 1984 he saw Hip Hop for the first time and it was love at first sight. At the age of 9 he join a break crew called “Movement Unit 2” with his brothers. Justin began teaching all forms of Hip Hop dancing at 17 and a year later in 1993, he created the still current crew “Robotek”. In 1997, he created a professional BreakDance crew called “Ground Assault” sponsored by Levi’s, Black Flys and Caution clothing. Ground Assault became very successful and began touring with “planet X”, performing at The “Big Day Out” and “Vibes on a summers day”. Also supporting artists such as Naughty By Nature, Jungle Brothers, 1200Techniques, DJQbert, Morganics and Jurassic 5. Justin also made appearances on Fox, National Geographic and F.H.M. He often travels around Australia teaching hip hop workshops in isolated and disadvantaged communities as well as adult and juvenile correctional facilities.

Tiana Canterbury

Tiana was discovered at the age of 13 by RnB dance music producers/artists Disco Montego/Kaylan, as she supported International Hip-Hop group Lighter Shade of Brown at the Coogee Beach Palace auditorium. Dennis and Darren Dowlut (Disco Montego) were mesmerised by not only her South African beauty, but her outstanding dancing ability and stage charisma. Tiana worked alongside this talented duo as they became two of Australia’s most successful urban producers and artists. She went on to perform regularly as a lead dancer for many of Sydney’s various Hip-Hop groups, award winners Kulcha and elite hip-hop dance group J-Foxx. She is also performance director and choreographer for Sydney’s favourite RnB artist – Mike Champion.

Tiana featured as a lead dancer in many video clips for popular RnB artists such as Selwyn, Mercury 4 and recently with Shakaya as well as performance developing for Warner artist Kyle. Tiana also danced for Australia’s Idol winner Guy Sebastien at the Aria Awards in October of 2004 and graced the stage on large international tours such as Roc Tha Block and alongside hip-hop star Chingy for the MTV Australia Awards and the Sydney Kings guest appearance.

Vimala Sarma

Vimala has been learning Indian Classical (Kuchipudi) dancing since 1990, from students of Sri Vempathi Chinna Satyam both in Australia and in India. She has presented solo performances for community functions in Australia and she has performed in the prestigious Madras Music and Dance Festival. She has also been developing skills in Hatha Yoga in accordance with the teachings of BKS Iyengar.

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