Dan Hu

Originally from France, Dan has travelled the world through dancing for the last 12 years.

Previously in LA and Tokyo where he spent about 2 years, he’s now found a new home in Australia since November 2010.

His credits includes several dance video clips mostly shot in London and Tokyo (Gap, Sony, Uniqlo, Casio).

Appeared several times on national Dance TV program in Japan, and has also featured in Bollywood movies in Mumbai.

A few years back, he was representing Ireland at the World Salsa Congress in Miami with his Salsa partner Monica Gonzalez.

Dan has taught Hip-hop and Salsa for the last 7 years and is very excited about his new adventure here in Australia.

During his first year in Australia, Dan has taught in several different studios in Melbourne including: Jason’s Coleman Ministry of Dance, The Space Art Centre, Unitd Stylez, PSA, Fusion Dance Studios, and many more҆ Most recently also, Dan was invited to teach at the Australian Dance Festival 2011, where his work has received very positive feedback.

The Ministry of Dance: “Dan is delightful. He has a very infectious personality filled with energy and brings a sense of joy to every situation.”

The Space Dance studios: “Daniel is a fantastic individual with an amazing energy and attitude towards teaching and sharing his knowledge and love of dance”


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