B Boy Red

BBoy Red is one of the most accomplished BBoys in Sydney and has a long list of achivements to his name.
-Champion at the Australian BBoy Championship 2009.
– winner of Platform 1 2008 with Hideboo.
-winner of Dancekool vol.22 2008 BBoy battle with BBoy Taz.
BBoy Red travels overseas regularly to break and judge in International BBoy jams. Lately he travelled to Japan for the Circle Prinz jam, and also judged the Radikal Forze BBoy jam in Singapore.
Internationally trained, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge and skills in true BBoy foundations and techniques, different styles from around the world and an understanding of the entire BBoy culture.
If you are willing to boost up your Breaking skills, there’s no better time!! BBoy Red focuses on increasing your stamina, speed and strength through fast-paced routines and freezes strengthening.
So if you are a BBoy/BGirl willing to work on your foundations and techniques, get tips on battle and showmanship etc., come and check out BBoy Red’s class and improve your Breaking!


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