We are thrilled to announce Flamenco workshops with Antonio Vargas!

Antonio is recognized as one of the world’s leading Flamenco dancers and choreographers and will be holding specialized workshops on his short stay here in Sydney..

Ingenious, innovative and a perfectionist, he performs and teaches internationally, with works for theatre, cinema and television. He is known as a guardian of an esoteric art form that, despite its massive recent popularity, remains elusive to most of those who flock to see it. He is a master of the complex rhythmic syncopations that characterize much of the excitement of Flamenco.

Antonio Vargas won accolades for his performance as the gypsy father, Rico in the Australian box-office hit movie Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrmann and the winner of the Golden Globe Award and of the Cannes Film Festival Golden Camera Award for Young Directors. More recently he choreographed and staged a Flamenco segment for Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible II directed by John Woo. He also played a cameo in this film. Other acting credits include Time Trax.

Check this link for workshops:

Sunday 9th December
-10AM – MIDDAY Beginner Flamenco for Beginners
-1PM – 3PM Flamenco for Intermediate/advanced: Solea por buleria

Wednesday 12thDecember
– 10AM – MIDDAY Flamenco for Beginners
– 1PM – 3PM Flamenco for Intermediate/advanced: Solea por buleria
*Beginners get 2*2hr lessons
**Intermediate/Advance 2*2hr lessons

COST $75 per 2hr workshop or 2*2hr workshops for $120

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