101 L’Afrique show for Sydney Fringe Festival

101 L’Afrique show for Sydney Fringe Festival

101 L’Afrique explodes in an Afro clusterbomb of Sydney’s hottest dancers and percussionists fusing contemporary dance moves on a journey of leaps and bounds through the finest 20th Century African influenced dance styles across a colourful soundscape of afro and latin-inspired percussive beats.

Travel back in time on an excursion through smoky Parisian nightclubs with kooky chanteuse Josephine Baker, across 20’s and 30’s uptown Harlem, and in and out of the backstreets of 40’s and 50’s jazz cabaret with Gene Kelly. Fast forward and trek through the vintage fusion of 70’s Afro-beat with outlandish wild costumes and psychedelic rhythms that capture the music, electrifying showmanship and pizzazz, of the likes of Fela Kuti.

The 101 ensemble light up the stage, and in this tribute to the African diaspora and it’s global impact on popular culture, they deliver an uplifting and entertaining testament to its timeless allure and pulsating irrepressible heartbeat.

As it continues its journey across the seas, be seduced by the rhythm.

Ensemble: Maya Sheridan-Martinez, Patrick “Lucky” Lartey, Sergio Montoya, Blacker Conteh, Heloise Cram, Samuel Gyimah and Wanyika Mshila.

TICKETS: Adult: $27.50 Concession: $24.50 (inclusive of booking fees)
TO BOOK TICKETS: thesydneyfringe.com.au
SHOW DATES: Sep 9, 8:30pm – Sep 10, 8:45pm – Oct 1, 8:30pm
DURATION: 120 Minutes
VENUE: The Forum thesydneyfringe.com.au/venues/forum 23 Norton Street 2042 Google Map

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