Hawaiian Hula

Class description
Hawaiian Hula – Get ready for an island experience with sexy hips! Although, Hula isn’t just about the hips, each song tells a story and you will learn to communicate it through various hand gestures and arm movements. In this class, you will be guided through the basic steps of Hula, which will prepare you for the choreography. You will be learning both “Kahiko” and “Auana” Hula styles. The Kahiko, or traditional style, is recognized by the sounds of the “ipu”, or gourds. The Auana, or modern style of hula, usually has the music of a ukulele or guitar, Keali’i Reichel and Israel Kamakawiwo’ole are well known examples of this type. Come immerse yourself in the culture of the beautiful islands of Hawaii.

What to wear
A sarong is recommended or if you do not have one, a skirt is OK. Bare feet OK.


  • Afro Fusion
  • Afro-Brazilian & Samba
  • Afrolatin Funk
  • Animation
  • Argentine Tango
  • Beginner Ballet
  • Belly Dancing
  • Bollywood
  • Brazilian Samba
  • Break Dance
  • Burlesque
  • Club/Party Dance
  • Commercial Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Creative Latin Dance Fitness
  • Dancehall Booty
  • Dancehall Hip Hop
  • Dancehall Newschool
  • French Cancan
  • Funk/Hip Hop Intermediate – Vincent De Vega
  • Funk/Hip Hop/Club RnB Beginner – Vincent De Vega
  • High Heels
  • Hip Hop Basics (Absolute beginner)
  • Hip Hop Beginner
  • Hip Hop/RnB
  • Hip Hop/Street Funk
  • House
  • Jamaican Dancehall
  • Jazz
  • Jazz Funk Hip Hop
  • JFH (Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop) Beginner
  • Jungle Body
  • Kizomba
  • Modern Ballet
  • Modern Belly Dance
  • Modern Tango
  • Musical Theatre
  • NYC Hip Hop & Poppin’
  • Open Ballet
  • Pantsula
  • Reggaeton
  • Salsa Beginner – Fernando Ebony
  • Salsa Intermediate/Advanced – Fernando Ebony
  • Salsa Rueda – Kieren Sharp
  • Salsaton
  • Samba Reggae
  • Showgirl Burlesque
  • Tap
  • Tribal Bellydance
  • Floating Classes
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