Floating Classes

Absolute Beginner Funk

Class description
Let your hair down and get in touch with the funk-y dancer within. This class is designed specifically for beginners who possess plenty of enthusiasm and a passion for Rnb, Soul, Hip Hop/Funk, Pop and Rock music.
The class begins with an easy-to-follow series of freestyle moves designed to get your heart rate up, followed by stretching, a fun routine, concluding with a relaxing warm down.
Boogie down to the latest hits plus the occasional blast from the past in a fun environment where everyone is on the same wavelength. Absolute Beginner Funk is a fantastic cardio workout guaranteed to improve coordination and skyrocket your confidence on the dance floor.

What to wear
Feet: Gym shoes, sneakers, running shoes or jazz sneakers.
Body: Loose fitting gym pants/tracksuit pants with a stretchy singlet top or t-shirt.


Class description
This class takes you on a voyage of Afro-Latin beats. You warm up in Cuba, peak in Brazil and cool down in Peru. Most Afro dance is high energy and isolates different body parts. Learn to utilise your body to its full potential! You will learn the cultural and spiritual background of certain dance moves. The class is suitable for all levels and absolute beginners are treated with care. Feel the rhythmic elixir that is Afro-Latin dance!

What to wear
Wear stretchy or loose clothing. Sneaker or bare-feet OK.


Class description
As Dita Von Teese once said “Burlesque is an attitude”. In this class you will learn sexy, slow controlled dance moves to unleash the vixen within. Fine tune your sexy strut.. Get your booty bouncing whilst always making the most of your womanly assets. Each week we will be dancing to mellow and smooth tunes by artists like D’Angelo, Angie Stone, Mos def and old school artists Nina Simone and Etta James. So, don’t be shy, come down for a giggle and a bump n Grind.

What to wear
Please wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that do not restrict movement, and of course ladies, don’t feel shy to wear your frills, heels and lace!!

Capoeira (Beginners)

Class description
Capoeira is a martial art developed in Brazil by African slaves more than 400 years ago. It is an all-encompassing art, blending music, dance, singing, acrobatics, play, and self defense. All these come together into a unique, cohesive whole. Capoeira is the most physical of all the arts. As a form of exercise, Capoeira engages all muscles groups, helps develop flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance, and offers significant toning and cardiovascular benefits. Accessible to persons of any age and body type, Capoeira is much more than a martial art: It engages practitioners on a social level as well, placing them in touch with a living tradition and a rich historic heritage.

What to wear
Comfortable pants and shirts, tops. No shoes.


Class description
Contemporary Dance, like Contemporary Art, is an experimental art form, always evolving and pushing boundaries. In this class you will learn basic Contemporary techniques and concepts to help you gain awareness of your body, with a strong focus on improving posture, alignment, strength and flexibility. This class is open to beginners and those who want to improve their general dance technique whatever style you may be interested in. Combined with the soulful expression of Lyrical this is a class that encompasses mind, body and spirit.

What to wear
Comfortable fitting or loose clothes. T-Shirt, sneakers or Jazz shoes.

Gogo Dance

Class description
Did you love the musical Dusty? Do you love the tunes of the 60’s? Want to GET DOWN and sweat? Then this class is for you! You will start with warm ups, body isolations and trademark 60’s steps such as the monkey, the Egyptian, the twist, the Watusi and more! Learn to relax into your own rhythm and discover your inner go-go! You will work up to a racy routine that is sure to give you a good workout and good fun!

What to wear
Flat shoes (court shoe or jazz), 3/4 capri pants or mini skirt or stretch jazz pants.

East African

Class description
So what exactly is African dance? It’s vigorous, its graceful, its playful, its mystical; it is a mix of various styles of dance from the Eastern region of Africa. Most of the moves consist of waist, shoulder, back and arm moments. Not all the moves are forceful and vibrant, as most people would think. Many consist of gentle sways and taps that require utmost concentration and grace to perform well. Chichi’s style of teaching goes beyond just the physical but also into understanding the tone and life of the song/beat. She will train you on expression and poise – a real treat for the senses!

What to wear
Dress – comfortable leggings or loose fitting clothes. Please bring a sarong that can be tied around your waist. Dance is done barefooted.

French Cancan

Class description
Get ready to kick and ruffle! This class will begin with a good old fashioned stretch to get your limbs prepared for the high energy, high kicks and chorus line chore!

What to wear
Stretchy clothes, tights and long skirt Barefoot or socks, Jazz shoes or Jazz boot.


Class description
House Dancing is a street dance style known for its fancy footwork, groove, turns and grace. It is a distinct style that incorporates steps and rhythms from other dances such as tap and jazz, as well as African and Latin dances. This feature makes house dancing a truly free style that is sensual, energetic and fun!

What to wear
Sport shoes/sneakers, comfortable clothing that will not restrict any movement.

Indian Classical (Kuchipudi)

Class description
Indian classical dance has exotic choreography, expression and rhythms. The classical style has grace, speed, and elegant hand gestures. It draws from a rich source of Indian myths. Demystifying Indian dance for the Western audience is Vimala Sarma approach to classical Indian dance. The class incorporate gentle yoga and Pilates stretches as warm-up, simple footwork to basic rhythms and hand gestures. The class will develop and understanding of Indian classical dance, comprising both expressive and pure dance aspects. Have fun while getting fit and flexible and learning about the rich culture of India.

What to wear
Wear something comfortable which allows you to move freely.

Polynesian Dance

Class description
Are you ready for a hip shaking work out? Explore the Pacific Islands and learn the vibrant Hula of Hawaii or the Siva of Samoa, the rhythms of Tahiti, Cook Island, Fiji, Tonga and more, incorporated together in an hour session of Polynesian dancing. Polynesian Dance encompasses the essence of the Tropical Pacific Islands through sharp lower hip movement with graceful upper body motion and the drum beats of the South Pacific accompanied by the voices of Polynesia. So for FUN come along to a dance class and bring friends! Beginners Welcome.

What to wear
Loose clothing and bring a sarong. Bare feet OK.


Class description
Fun and easy dance class where you can learn funky dance moves. LOCKING style consists of sharp movements with an element of groove. Soul and funk music such as James Brown, Kool and the Gang and Earth Wind and Fire.

What to wear
Street gear that you can move easily in, must wear street/runners or dance shoes, also be prepared to sweat.. so either wear layers or bring a change of clothes!

R&B Beginner

Class description
Your mission if you choose to accept it: To dance with passion! From from the latest party tracks to classics that you can’t help but groove along to, this class has a feel-good and a dance-from-the-heart kinda vibe that will get you stepping out of your comfort zone and into owning the dance floor. Class starts off with a basic warm-up, strengthening and stretching, then into a choreographed routine. This can improve your club-dancing skillz! New dance routines every week. You will sweat and you will get sore, but you won’t notice it until the end of class. (It’s a common phenomenon when you’re having that much fun! ;-))

What to wear
Comfortable clothes and trainers. Be yourself and wear your attitude on your sleeve. Bring water and be ready to sizzle!

Street Latin

Class description
In this authentic Street latin class, Carlo will focus on the basics and some intermediates moves and techniques of merengue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton styles. With this you will have a better time with latin music. The main idea is to have fun and build your confidence while learning these popular latin dance styles.

What to wear
Wear comfortable clothes, soft soled shoes, dance shoes or small heels.


Class description
A stretch class provides your body with a sense of release and core strength, If you are feeling tense, sore or want to improve your flexibility and strength then this is the class for you. Chose your level in the class, every stretch can be made harder or easier and let your body relax into each movement.

What to wear
Stretchy clothes, tights, t-shirt… Bring a mat or towel if possible…


Class description
Swing is a partner dance that was born from music of the same name in New York city around the 1930’s. This lively form of dancing grew and evolved and today is still popular all over the world. “West coast” swing is a cool, sophisticated style of swing dancing which is done mainly to smooth jazz and blues, but can cross over into Rock n Roll, Pop and Country rock. In this class, you will learn both East-Coast and West-Coast styles.
No partner needed. Beginners welcome.

What to wear
Light clothing. Street or jazz shoes, trainers are ok. No slip-ons or bare feet.


Class description
Tango is one of the fastest growing partner dances from South America and is enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels. In recent years Argentine Tango has seen a huge resurgence in popularity all around the world, and there is now tango dancing in Sydney clubs and hotels every night of the week. This class will teach you the basic fundamentals, technique, musicality and partnering skills essential for dancing tango in a social setting. You may the attend the classes on a casual basis, and absolute beginners can start any week. No partner required.

What to wear
Light, comfortable clothing and regular street shoes with a leather sole (slip-ons, thongs and trainers are not suitable). Ladies should wear heeled shoes with ankle strap support and closed toes.

Urban Dance

Class description
Urban Dance fuses Afro,Urban Hip Hop, Funk and RnB and is Michele’s signature style. Learn a short warm up, kool practice moves and an energetic routine full of fresh, street smart choreography, dancing to the most current urban Hip Hop, Funk and Dancehall music. Michele incorporates the use of body mechanics, musicality and distinctive performance techniques to help you become a better dancer. Her classes are relaxed as she accommodates all levels. So, If you are all about hard work, dedication and fun, then this class is tailor made for you.

What to wear
Comfortable sports shoes or jazz shoes. Comfortable gym or sport attire.

And also:
Afro Cuban, Argentine Tango, Gafiera, Pagode, Lambada, Zouk, Soukou, Latin Funk… and any other dance styles.


  • Afro Fusion
  • Afro-Brazilian & Samba
  • Afrolatin Funk
  • Animation
  • Argentine Tango
  • Beginner Ballet
  • Belly Dancing
  • Bollywood
  • Brazilian Samba
  • Break Dance
  • Burlesque
  • Club/Party Dance
  • Commercial Jazz
  • Contemporary
  • Creative Latin Dance Fitness
  • Dancehall Booty
  • Dancehall Hip Hop
  • Dancehall Newschool
  • French Cancan
  • Funk/Hip Hop Intermediate – Vincent De Vega
  • Funk/Hip Hop/Club RnB Beginner – Vincent De Vega
  • Hawaiian Hula
  • High Heels
  • Hip Hop Basics (Absolute beginner)
  • Hip Hop Beginner
  • Hip Hop/RnB
  • Hip Hop/Street Funk
  • House
  • Jamaican Dancehall
  • Jazz
  • Jazz Funk Hip Hop
  • JFH (Jazz/Funk/Hip Hop) Beginner
  • Jungle Body
  • Kizomba
  • Modern Ballet
  • Modern Belly Dance
  • Modern Tango
  • Musical Theatre
  • NYC Hip Hop & Poppin’
  • Open Ballet
  • Pantsula
  • Reggaeton
  • Salsa Beginner – Fernando Ebony
  • Salsa Intermediate/Advanced – Fernando Ebony
  • Salsa Rueda – Kieren Sharp
  • Salsaton
  • Samba Reggae
  • Showgirl Burlesque
  • Tap
  • Tribal Bellydance
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